Steel wheels for commercial vehicles.

The entitled

"Establishment of Research and Development Center for commercial wheel measuring and certification"

at (H-3672 Borsodnádasd, Volny J. str.1)

applied to the New Szecheny Project's Economic Development Operativ supporting system

with the application number: GOP-1-2-1-12/B-2012-0032

won an aid amount of 881.487.444 Ft based on the decision of

MAG - Hungarian Center for Economic Development Zrt.

Amount of the given aid to PLES Zrt. by the Hungarian Goverment and the European Union is 881.487.444 Ft.

The project is carried out with the help of the European Union's aid
and with the co-financing of the European Regional Development Fund.

Within the provision of Széchenyi Projekt

The following developements and the know-how was established

  • Lighting
  • Prod.
  • Test Lab
  • New
  • Public
  • ISO

Former years investments


ISO Quality management system

In-house investment.


Private test-lab establisment

In-house investment.


New production hall construction

Implemented with the aid of the Széchenyi Plan.


Robot equipment establishment

Implemented with the aid of the Széchenyi Plan.