Our company owns a state of the art
test facility for internal testing.

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Axial & Radial testing capabilities

In June 2013 two state-of-the art machines have been installed to conduct in-house testing on the fatigue life of our wheels: a radial fatigue machine and a bending fatigue machine.

  • Radial Fatigue Test Machine

    The machine is designed to test the assembly wheel-tyre, fixing it on an equipment that simulates the car hub and applying a load against a road-wheel (drum), which is driven by an electric engine. After "n" preseted cycles, the wheel must not present breaks or deformations that can compromise its functionality.

  • Cornering Fatigue Test Machine

    The machine proposed consists of a stout structure in electrically-welded steel, placed onto special supports anti-vibration. Two electrical cabinets are placed on the side of the machine, one for the power and the logics of the machine and the other one for the display system, the data collection and the printing activity, all governed by a personal computer.

  • Air Leak Test machine

    The testing equipment is mainly composed by a suitable lodgement to centre the piece in an easy way thanks to fixed points of reference. Pneumatic cylinders, complete with suitable rubber-supporting pieces, will obstruct all holes and pipes so to realize the chamber (s) necessary to the performance of the test.