Our department responsible for the production of roller conveyors, smart conveyors and modular conveyors sells components directly to users. In addition, we develop and build entire systems based on our customers’ needs. We provide standard lengths of 1500mm and 1800mm as per EUR-pallets, with legs of the required height. We can also provide requested sizes tailored to individual pallets with short notice. The durability and robustness of our units is outstanding compared to competitors’. We also provide a free app and the PlesSmart System for each conveyor element.

Smart conveyors are capable of monitoring the operation of conveyors and the location and status of all its elements with the help of a user-friendly application. Service and maintenance requirements are also tracked. Electronic rotation and pallet transfer lead to more precise positioning. 180° turning range and two-directional roller drive help to turn and move the pallet as required. It is designed to be massive and robust for stable rotation of heavy loads and a long life. The rotator also includes the PlesSmart System.

Our pallet dispenser unit can also be served with a forklift or manual pallet lifter, as the unit automatically dispenses the pallets to the associated conveyor, thereby reducing the processes’ pallet loading time.

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