Conversion of riveting and welding robot cell

For our multinational corporate partner, we have transformed a riveting and welding machine. The task is to weld pins in the automotive aluminum part and to fit the rivets.

The equipment was previously unstable and did not have traceability.

We replaced the robot, riveting equipment and rebuilt the cell. We have created a new PLC and robot program, during the production process the PLC controls the robot, which is more stable in operation and reset after errors.

Three different rivets are used in the production process. In order to prevent possible mixing, sensors were installed to monitor the size differences. The defective rivets are lifted with the riveting shank and placed in a scraper hole.

The defective products are removed from the nest of the rotary table by the robot and placed in a scraper box. Which can be pulled out of the cell and removing the scrap product does not require stopping the riveting and welding process.