About us

PLES zrt. owns the only independent manufacturing plant of steel wheels for commercial vehicles in the Central-Eastern European area. We identify ourselves as the smallest brother in the family of the European wheel producers. Being smaller can mean being more flexible!

The production plant is located in town Borsodnádasd (140 km from Budapest to the North-Eastern direction), while the headquarters (top management, sales department) in Budapest. Wheel manufacturing has a long tradition in our factory. Two types of wheels are produced: Three parts wheel rims (TRILEX type) with the matching spacer rings have been produced since 1968, while single-piece wheels with 15° drop-center rims for tubeless tyres have been produced since 1988. Our strength lies in our traditional knowledge, in our production equipment and in our geographical location.

During the past years the owners of PLES have gradually modernised the production technology:

  • In 2005 we purchased the full rim line and assembly line and half of the disc line from the closed plant of Michelin Ruedas Espana. These machines have been gradually been put into operation.
  • In 2005 we built a 2nd primary e-coat line and a new top coating line.
  • In 2008 our new 3-axle high capacity flow-forming lathe from WF was put into operation.
  • In 2012 several production operations were robotised:
  • the top coating,
  • the punching and deburring of the ventilation holes,
  • the butt welding,
  • the circular welding.
  • Also in 2012 a big achievement was the establishing of plasma technology for the cutting of the round pre-forms for the discs.
  • In June 2013 two state-of-the art machines have been installed to conduct in-house testing on the fatigue life of our wheels: a radial fatigue machine and a bending fatigue machine.