Skilled, experienced team

Our main strength is the planning, implementation, installation and commissioning of complex automation tasks on site. When building our team, we strive to bring together highly skilled and good team players, focusing on continuous innovation and professional development.

Continuous development means working efficiently with state-of-the-art technologies, solutions, and the latest software.

We use the following services to help our partners make a successful project a reality:

  • Service, maintenance
  • Installation, commissioning
  • PLC and robot programming
  • 3D modeling, robot simulation
  • Technical audit, consulting
  • Mechanical, electrical design


For painting we use industrial robots specially developed for this work. Typically, painting takes place in a closed cabin, with adequate extraction.

The choice of the painting robotic arm and the mounted paint gun are based on the paint, the technology used and the task. The painting robots used are characterized by a hollow hinge design so that all necessary cables are routed inside the robot arm.

The most commonly used painting technologies are:

  • Solvent painting.
  • Water-based painting.
  • Powder coating.

The paint robots are suitable for a wide range of painting and coating applications, offering easy accessibility, optimum working range and maximum performance. Some types are designed for use in hazardous work environments, with varying working ranges and material handling capacities, and no matter what the dyeing or dosing requirements are, you can be sure that there is one that suits your needs.